Monday, August 8, 2011

New Tools

I needed the air palm nailer that Tom G. recommended I buy. While at Harbor Freight I also picked up some other tools I knew I would need in the future. Note that Harbor Freight Tools are not quality tools and are not built to last, but rather if you have a few jobs that will require a limited amount of use over the years you'll be fine and won't beat the price. Non-mechanical tools will work out just fine for you in the long-run as well with more regular use. Copper brushes
for cleaning parts is a wise investment. The air gun impact wrench will be used ONLy for loosing super tight screws during disassembly.

I did see a $20 blue colored mini air palm nailer to use for riveting and I think that would be a smarter choice. It is easier to hold and maybe control. Something to think about.

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RichTuneClassic said...

Hi there,

like your blog. I myself have a TV175 Series 3 from 1963. It's been in the family for 40 year's now. My mother used to drive it, later during my studies I used it on a daily basis. Last year I started to rebuild the engine, putting in a 12 V electronic ignition.This winter it will be time to do the bodywork.


Ingmar Richartz
Maasmechelen, Belgium